Multi-Function Tesla Box

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Multi-Function Tesla Box

Charging on the next level!

Useful in every situation

MagPunch is an essential companion in everyday life, offering a solution to the perpetual problem of depleting phone batteries. Its magnetic attachment feature provides unmatched convenience, eliminating the need for carrying around tangled cables. With the capability to charge itself to full in just 2 hours, and then power a modern smartphone to full five times, MagPunch ensures that your phone's battery life never interrupts your daily routine. Its sleek and slim design makes it easily portable and stylish. The LED display is not just aesthetic but also functional, giving clear, real-time power level updates for both the power bank and the phone. Moreover, MagPunch is 100% Magsafe and provides overcharge protection, maintaining your device's battery health. Be it for work, travel, or personal use, MagPunch is a gadget that seamlessly integrates into your life, keeping you connected and powered up at all times.

Product description

Wake Up A Tesla in You!

Multi-Function Tesla Box will allow you to make your own electricity experiments in the comfort of your home!

This Tesla Box is a handy tesla coil you can use to play safely with electric lights.


Perfect Gift For A Science Freak!

Tesla Box is probably the coolest gift a science freak can receive!

Just imagine your loved ones face once you show them everything their Stormy Box can do..

Feel Free To Touch it With Your Hands!

Tesla Box does put out real high-voltage electricity sparks that can power light bulbs.

You can touch those sparks with your hands and even put different objects on top to watch how the electricity takes different shapes.

Has A Built In Bluetooth Speaker!

Not only Stormy Box is one of the coolest tech products you can get, but it also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

You can play your favorite music while playing safely with electricity!

More About Tesla Box

  • Perfect present for your loved one that is a science freak!
  • 100% safe for you, your home, and your kids
  • Electric sparks can't flame anything
  • Easy to use, all parts & instructions come in the package