Middle Finger Mug

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Middle Finger Mug

Charging on the next level!

Useful in every situation

MagPunch is an essential companion in everyday life, offering a solution to the perpetual problem of depleting phone batteries. Its magnetic attachment feature provides unmatched convenience, eliminating the need for carrying around tangled cables. With the capability to charge itself to full in just 2 hours, and then power a modern smartphone to full five times, MagPunch ensures that your phone's battery life never interrupts your daily routine. Its sleek and slim design makes it easily portable and stylish. The LED display is not just aesthetic but also functional, giving clear, real-time power level updates for both the power bank and the phone. Moreover, MagPunch is 100% Magsafe and provides overcharge protection, maintaining your device's battery health. Be it for work, travel, or personal use, MagPunch is a gadget that seamlessly integrates into your life, keeping you connected and powered up at all times.

Product description

Add Humor into Your Morning Routine.

Make your coffee breaks a little more fun by sipping your brew from this hidden middle finger coffee mug. As soon as you begin sipping your java, the middle finger at the mug's base becomes visible so that you can discreetly flip off everyone that comes your way.

The Perfect Handmade Gift

The brand new Ceramic Coffee Mug is the perfect handmade gift for any of your loved ones (or the not so loved ones). With our own high-quality handcrafted ceramics, this is the perfect day-to-day mug to lighten up your mood at the morning meetings.