Astronaut Galaxy Projector

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Product description


It’s never been easier to feel miles away from the Earth.
Experiencing the vast, unpredictable galaxy that has full of the colorful nebula and twinkling stars with this high-definition starlight projector, Just makes you feel like an explorer as it fills up every inch around yourself while decorated by moving light displays that make everyone else stop what they're doing just long enough look into outer believed realities.

The starry sky is the perfect light for those who love spending time in their room. The astronaut star projector will take you on a journey through space and time. The colorful nebula comes in various colors, which can be changed with the remote control or button pressing your preference of color at any given moment! With flashing lights from dancing stars across it's surface this galaxy is worth exploring for hours on end.

How It Works? 

The Starry Skylight projector comes with a two control device that can be controlled with the remote or button on its back. The first method only turns it on and changes modes, by pressing it a few times until your desired option pops up in front of you on screen. The remote also lets you adjust color temp., brightness levels & flashing frequencies over 4 different options so that every room is just perfectly lit!